Saturday, July 4, 2009

Have You Smiled Today? :-)

Have you smiled today?
I havc, many times. Smiling is great, right?
So why did you smile today? Let us smile with you.

I smiled today when I saw my bestfriend's baby, who I look at as my son. :-)
I smiled when my cousin left her car door open and while she was inside the dogs took everything out of her car. :-)
I smiled when people actually showed up for the July 4th cook out that I planned. :-)

So, tell us why you smiled.
Come on, you know that you want to.
I think it will be interesting to see what makes other people smile.

Oh, and green is a good color.. It makes me happy. :)
Kitty says-


  1. "you're so busy changing the world, just one smile can change all of mine" was the first thing that pop in my mind hahahaha from a song from Jack Johnson. :)

    Thanks from posting in my blog! hahaha and green IS a great color! Full of life and it always makes me happy.

    Today I smiled because of seeing diferent people at a convention about japanese cartoons. It made me smile for how people seem to forget who they are or what people think and dress how they want, or like a characte they like and it's great to not feel the pressure of people judging you for your looks.

  2. you are very welcome..
    i like Jack Johnson..

    and its good to know that you smiled.

  3. I smiled at the first sip of coffee this morning...oh and when I saw the cute kitten in this post!